And Another Thing… by Eoin Colfer

And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer

And Another Thing... by Eoin Colfer

Title: And Another Thing…
Author: Eoin Colfer
Published: 2009
Summary: In book six of three for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Colfer channels Adams while staying true to his own style and continues the universe of H2G2.

I really enjoyed most of And Another Thing…. I especially appreciated that Colfer didn’t completely write this as if he were Douglas Adams; Colfer’s own style shown through and made for an enjoyable read. Though, I will admit that reading the prologue made it so that I didn’t actually have to read the novel, but of course I did anyway.

It was great to read about the gang again. The only character I didn’t like, besides all the Vogons (but no one likes them anyway, so they don’t count), was Random Dent. I found myself so annoyed by her; I wanted to punch her in the face most often when she was around in the book.

This is definitely not your father’s H2G2. If Adams had written it this way, I would be disappointed but since it’s another author, I can’t really be too picky. While it stays close to the original writings, it takes a spin on things that at times I liked and at times I found myself not enjoying it, but for any Hitchhiker’s fan this book is a must read.


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