Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters
This book is about teenage zombies and is the sequel to Generation Dead.

Kiss of Life takes place not too long after the end of Generation Dead. At the end of the first novel, Adam is shot by Pete Martinsburg because he jumped in front of a bullet to save Phoebe (aka “Morticia Scarypants”). Adam then came back as a zombie and a whole mess of legal trouble started. Is it murder? Is it assault? Nobody knows, but Pete is sentenced to community service and counselling with Angela Hunter at the Foundation.

This whole novel is mostly about Adam and Phoebe and their relationship and how it changes now that Adam has become “differently biotic”. (It’s not “living impaired” anymore, kids. That’s not PC.) It’s also about Phoebe and Tommy and their relationship. There’s also some bit about blaming grave-digging on zombies and more men in white vans who come and reterminate the differently biotic.

We’re also no closer to figuring out why only teenagers (and only certain ones at that) reanimate.

I really liked this book (and this series), though. I wouldn’t mind reading a third book. What was really cool was finding a few parallels to Breathers by S.G. Browne, especially in the portrayal of zombies.


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