Into the Cold Fire by Lynne Ewing

by Lynne Ewing

Title: Into the Cold Fire
Author: Lynne Ewing
Series: Daughters of the Moon
Published: 2000
Summary: Is it really Serena’s destiny to betray the Daughters and join the Atrox as its chosen one?

I’ve only recently gotten into this series. I don’t know what it is about young adult books that have the supernatural as a huge theme, but I mostly adore them. I had a bit of trouble picking this book up, I will admit. The beginning is a bit slow and I wasn’t looking forward to a book about Serena.

Once the action heated up and a mystery was put in place, it was like this book wouldn’t stop going! Which is a good thing, but this book also felt like it was trying to cram more information in there than it should. We had new information about the Atrox, a whole new ceremony to digest, new characters, new relationships to already existing characters, etc.

It was almost too much to take in. I’ll be reading the next book to see how things play out because I’m really intrigued by this new Serena/Stanton development. I was almost hoping that Serena would stay part of the Atrox because she was easier to tolerate.


From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

by Charlaine Harris

Title: From Dead to Worse
Author: Charlaine Harris
Series: The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Published: 2008
Summary: Sookie finds herself in the middle of a Were War and the subject of new Vampire royalty in Louisiana.

This series just adds more and more to itself! We’ve learned much more about Sookie’s family than before and even meet a few new relations of hers. We also learned that Bob could be turned back into a human and I definitely felt sorry for him that he was tricked by Octavia.

I’m really intrigued by Hunter, Sookie’s nephew. I want to read more about him and how he grows up. I really hope that Remy takes Sookie up on her offer for advice on Hunter when he gets older, since she would know what he’s going through.

Arlene is pissing me off more than usual; she’s just showing how unintelligent she is by not being able to form her own opinion and just taking the opinions of those around her as law and completely correct without even thinking of analyzing them. Also, the whole situation with Crystal and Jason just pissed me off. I really despise people who cheat on their significant other but I also dislike when the significant other is an asshole (Sookie’s word, not mine) about it.

I’m also still sad about Queen Sophie-Anne. My favourite characters have a tendency to die. Dead and Gone is going to prove to be an interesting novel. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

Doctor Who: Space Travels

Title: Doctor Who: Space Travels
Published: 2008
Summary: Follow the Doctor on his travels through space.

This book is so much fun and a great thing for every Doctor Who fan to have! Spoiler warning, though; if you haven’t been keeping up with Doctor Who (specifically if you haven’t seen series 4), I have to warn you that this book covers the places that were travelled to in that series.

With that said, pop-up things aren’t just for kids. I’m still not over the fact that there’s a pop-up TARDIS at the end of the book. I’m so grateful for this gift and still squeeing over it, even though I don’t like Ten.  (ha ha)

I need to get myself Doctor Who: Time Travels for even more TARDIS fun!

Entrances and Exits by Paul Ruditis

Title: Entrances and Exits
Author: Paul Ruditis
Published: 2008
Summary: In the fourth book of the Drama! series, it’s time for the Fall One-Act Festival.

When I told someone that I was reading a book series about theatre nerds, they asked me why I was reading it since I was a theatre nerd myself. They hit the nail on the head; I found it fun to read about stuff I had some clue about.

The series itself is light, fluffy, full of drama fun. I just happened to stumble upon it in the paperback young adult section at the library I frequent and decided to try it just for the heck of it. I read through the first one in just one sitting and couldn’t wait to read the next books in the series.

I got through the next two and then it was a long while before I finally got to this one. I don’t know what happened, maybe I just forgot about it.

Anyway, I’m glad that I finally picked up this book because it was fun. I definitely recommend the series to theatre people (you know who you are). The stories are light fun with some drama and tension among the characters.

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

by Charlaine Harris

Title: All Together Dead
Author: Charlaine Harris
Published: 2007
Summary: Sookie Stackhouse is still attending the Vampire Summit as a member of Queen Sophie-Anne’s personal staff; things are tense there, though. All of this puts everyone, undead and mortals alike, in grave danger.

I’m normally not glad to see couples break up, but seriously… I’m excited that there will be no more Sookie/Bill. And don’t spoil it for me, but I really hope Sookie and Quinn break up, too. I’m getting sick of him now and think he’s up to something shady as all get out. (This isn’t JUST because I want Sookie and Eric to be an official for real couple, I promise. What they had wasn’t enough for me, ha ha.)

The Vampire Summit was an interesting setting. It reminded me a bit of some of the conventions I’ve been to, without all the murder and mayhem. (Well, I guess there could have been some murder, but I think I would have heard about it.)

Queen Sophie-Anne is definitely one of my favourite characters in the whole series; I hope to cosplay her television version sometime. I’m glad that she was found not guilty in her trial. It made me angry that she still had to go on trial and everything, but that was one of my favourite parts of the book. Vampire Court was something interesting.

If vampires ever did come out of the coffin, I would totally make a petition to have a Vampire Court television show just to add to all the daytime court shows out there and it would probably be more successful than all the well-established ones!

I cannot wait to read the next book in the series; it should come in for me at the library soon.

The Zombie Handbook: How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse by Rob Sacchetto

by Rob Sacchetto

Title: The Zombie Handbook: How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse
Author: Rob Sacchetto
Published: 2009
Summary: This will help you become informed and survive.

This was a really short and quick read and definitely not Max Brooks, but worthy of being on the shelf next to it as a supplementary guide. I found this in the books to go section of my library (you might recognize it from the most recent library funtimes post) just because it had to do with zombies. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.

I read this once and I personally won’t be buying it, but if you are one of those beings that must have EVERYTHING related to zombies pick this up if you haven’t already. To me, this book read like a textbook (which since it’s a handbook of sorts, I guess it’s supposed to) and I just couldn’t dig it.

I much preferred looking at all the pictures and reading the short captions and little blurbs along the sides of the pages.

Sea Change by Aimee Friedman

by Aimee Friedman

Title: Sea Change
Author: Aimee Friedman
Published: 2009
Summary: Miranda visits her family’s ancestral home on Selkie Island, but doesn’t know much about her grandmother or even her mother’s past. Is the boy she meets on the island the key to unlocking this knowledge?

I found out about this book on; their article made it seem really interesting. Once I actually started reading, I wasn’t as into the book as I thought I would be. The story was simple and the writing was nice, but I just found myself getting bored at certain points.

I wanted to smack all the Southern Belle types in the book; for some reason, those characters always seem to annoy me, no matter the story. I am glad that the main character learned about herself and her family though. That was something that I was glad to read, even though I don’t think that story line is fully resolved.

I did like reading a story about merpeople, though. I’ve never read one of those before; if you have some favourites, please recommend them to me!

I don’t know if I could recommend this book or feel like reading more from this author. If you’re a fan, recommend me one of her books and tell me why it’s better than this one.