50 Book Challenge (2010) Book #1 – Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

by Charlaine Harris

50 Book Challenge is a yearly event where participants pledge to read at least 50 books throughout the year, no matter when they start the challenge. For example, if you start February 10th, 2010, you have until February 10th, 2011, to finish the challenge. Anyway, I participated in 2007 and 2008; both of those years I read over 100+ books, so I took 2009 off to do something different. This year I’m getting back into the challenge!


Title: Dead and Gone
Author: Charlaine Harris
Series: The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Published: 2009
Summary: The Weres have revealed themselves and the conflict of the Fae has heated past its boiling point.

Why do all my favourite characters have to be the ones who die? Seriously! First, Sophie-Anne in From Dead to Worse and now Claudine; WHY CHARLAINE HARRIS!? WHY?! This is a pattern that I’ve noticed with almost everything I’ve read and I’ll never understand it.

I’m glad that Sookie got to meet her Great-Grandfather and get to know him a bit. It’s a shame that he’s cutting himself off from the human world, but most likely for the best. I also don’t know how to feel about the drastic change in her relationship with Jason now. It was pretty cut and dry in From Dead to Worse, but the events in Dead and Gone have changed most everything.

The one thing I can say that I’m glad about is this new deepened bond between Sookie and Eric. I’ve always shipped it in the novels, so it makes me quite happy to see that develop more beyond the earlier books in the series.


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