50BC #18 – Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon

Title: Nightlight: A Parody
Author: The Harvard Lampoon
Published: 2009
Summary: You think you know this story, but do you? Edwart Mullen, Belle Goose, Switchblade? All sounds lovingly familiar, but wait until you actually open this up. You’ll laugh so hard you won’t be able to govern a country.

This book was really short and so funny! I really recommend it, even if you’ve never touched anything Twilight Saga related because I think you’ll have so much fun with it. Edwart made me laugh the hardest, I think. I was reading this book mostly in public and kept getting weird looks due to my gigglesnorting.

I randomly found this at my local library and I’m really thankful! It gave me an hour of distressing before the first day of my current classes and it really helped. I definitely recommend this book.


One thought on “50BC #18 – Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon

  1. sparklegun says:

    Wonderful! I was waiting for this to happen. I must say, I’ve never picked up a parody book before (though I’ve always eyed “Barry Trotter” out the corner of my eye) but I’d love to read a parody of Twilight. I’m sure it would satisfy all my anti-Twilight genes 😛

    On that subject, the article I wrote for the school magazine…I haven’t been hunted down with a pitchfork, so I think my anti-Twilight, pro-real Gothic lit stance went down OK! Thanks again for your perspective on things, it was invaluable 🙂

    Ai xx

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