50BC #24 – Warriors (Original Series): Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

Title: Into the Wild
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors (Original Series)
Published: 2003
Summary: Rusty is an adventurous kittypet who wanders into Thunderclan territory, but he may just be the warrior they need.

I’d been avoiding reading this series because I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not and it’s SO HUGE. There’s this series of books, two others, super editions, and manga. So much reading! 😀 I finally decided to take the plunge and I’m really loving this series. I’m so hooked; it’s definitely well-written for 1) a series written by multiple people and 2) junior fiction. It was actually recommended to me by a fellow college student last year, so that possibly says something about the relatableness of the series?

Also, I love cats. I truly love cats. I’m highly allergic, so fictional cats are the only ones that don’t make me sick. 😦 My favourite cats so far are Bluestar, Yellowfang, and Fireheart. Book two needs to come in for me soon so I can read it! I already have book three at home (picked it up at work) and I’m not skipping ahead!


One thought on “50BC #24 – Warriors (Original Series): Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

  1. Aurora says:

    Oh man, I love this series. The original series is the best of the three, and the manga is… painful. I actually started with the second series when I was younger, then discovered the first only a year or so ago. I reread the second, and started the third, but the first remains my favorite. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far!

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