50BC #29 – Warriors (Original Series): Rising Storm

Title: Rising Storm
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors (Original Series)
Published: 2004
Summary: The action-packed fourth book in the Warriors series will leave readers clambering for more!

There is so much packed into this one book that I felt like I was just trudging along through quicksand, even though I really love these cats! All of the drama in this book was giving me a headache, though. Tigerclaw, River Clan, Fireheart, all of it. Once it was finally revealed in the end that Tigerclaw had been accepted as the new leader of Shadow Clan I was relieved. Though I can’t wait to get started on book five because the fun has just started and I can’t wait to see if Sandstorm and Fireheart’s friendship/crush on each other blossoms into something adorable.

My feelings about Cloudpaw have changed a bit, though. I don’t like him as a character as much as I used to but I would love to have him as a kittypet because he’s so cute!


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