50BC #35 – Warriors (The New Prophecy): Midnight by Erin Hunter

Title: Midnight
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors (The New Prophecy)
Published:  2005
Summary: There are new prophecies from Star Clan and the focus shifts to the chosen ones; one of whom is Brambleclaw, the son of the now deceased Tigerstar.

I’m so glad to pick up the next series of these books and I’m really glad that Brambleclaw and Firestar’s kits are part of the focus of this series because Brambleclaw grew on me during the end of the original series. I also really like how the author(s) took on the phenomenon of twin telepathy.

Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw are definitely on their way to becoming cats that I really like in this whole world of books! I’m so glad that the cats I knew and loved from the original series are still in this series, even though these books aren’t about them.


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