50BC #36 – Warriors (The New Prophecy): Moonrise by Erin Hunter

Title: Moonrise
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors: The New Prophecy
Published: 2005
Summary: The chosen cats continue on their journey and meet trouble from some other cats that come from tribes, not clans. They also get caught up in another prophecy from different warrior ancestors than their own.

This may be looking into things too deeply for a junior fiction novel, but I like how the author(s) approached the subject of belief systems that differ from one’s own. (Star Clan and Tribe of Endless Hunting were the examples in this novel.) I like the way things were phrased. One of the examples of what I’m talking about, and I’ll be paraphrasing (sorry), is that while the Tribe of Endless Hunting is not the Clan cats’ warrior ancestors they are someone’s warrior ancestors and that means that they deserve respect.

It took me a bit longer to read this book because someone posted unmarked spoilers on a website I used to use and that just slowed my reading mojo down. The spoiler was so sad and even though I knew it was coming, I couldn’t help but feel sad and start to tear up when I read it. These books can get so sad sometimes.

The ending to this one is just killing me and reading the preview for book three just made things worse! I need to find out what happens to the captured cats!


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