50BC #43 – Starlight by Erin Hunter

Title: Starlight
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors (The New Prophecy)
Published: 2006
Summary: The clan cats have reached the destination Star Clan wants them to make their new home, but the cats struggle to make it their own.

It has been awhile since I’d taken a journey into the world of the Warrior Cats and boy, did I miss it! This book had me cheering for the cats, disappointed by the mini-war, and the scene with Leafpaw (soon after named Leafpool) meets with Star Clan at the Moon Pool had me just crying buckets of tears especially when the kits were mentioned.

I still feel like the things that happen shouldn’t take a whole book to do so, but I understand why that is happening. Some of the point-of-view transitions were a bit choppy, but I liked that this book was dealing with more than one cat. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and see how the clans move on from the ending of this book.


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