Half-Minute Horrors edited by Susan Rich

Half-Minute Horrors
edited by Susan Rich
Featuring stories by Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, James Patterson and more.

This collection of scary stories (each approximately 30 seconds) was put together for and published with the help of First Book.

Admittedly, I had only read works from a few of the authors in this book and just recognised the rest by name. The stories were cute and fun, but I wasn’t scared. (A couple were, I thought, a bit absurd and felt that it was a bit endearing of them to be so.)  I would recommend this to young children and their families! This could be a really fun book to read aloud (9th March is World Read-Aloud Day, *hint hint*) and then start a discussion of fears and why those things scare you. (For example, I’m terrified of the handicapped toilet stall but I have no idea why it scares me!)

The book’s website is also worth looking at; readers can submit their own stories. I’m tempted to submit one, but I have no idea which story I want to submit. If you, dear reader, submit one please let me know so I can be looking out for it on HalfMinuteHorrors.com!