Book Meme Day #3

Day 3 – Do you have an e-reader? What format do you prefer to buy books in?

I only have an e-reader because Kindle for Android came pre-installed on my Samsung Continuum (who I have named Adria). I prefer buying tangible, printed books. I just get so distracted when it comes to technology and I can concentrate much easier on printed materials.

Though, I do appreciate the convenience of having 8+ books on my phone at one time. I love being able to get classic literature for free. 🙂


Book Meme Day #2

Day 2 – Bad book habit? Do you ever dog-ear books? Do you ever write in the margins of your books? Not even with textbooks?

My bad book habit is getting so many at once that I cannot keep up with all the reading! I’ve tried to train myself to use the saved list feature on my library account and the “to-read” shelve on my goodreads before getting something, but I see so many amazing things at work that I cannot help but bring home!

I do not dog ear books, especially after becoming a page. I’m the one who has to un-dog ear all of the pages patrons mess with. Often, patrons will actually fold the book pages in half for sections of the book and that is one of the worst things, in my opinion.

I do not write in the margins of my books, even textbooks. Well, especially textbooks. I do my best to keep my textbooks, even used ones, in sellable condition so I can get some money back at the end of the quarter (because I always end up needing it; textbooks are expensive, especially with all the math and science I take). I’m more a fan of flags and sticky notes if I need to make a note in a book.

Book Meme Day #1

Day 1 – What books do you have on request at the library? How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time? How often have you returned books to the library unread? What do you currently have checked out at the library?

I’m going to break this up into numbers 1, 2, 3, & 4.

1. Vampire Knight (volume 1), Ouran High School Host Club (volume 14), Itazura na Kiss (volume 2), Love Attack (volume 7), Chi’s Sweet Home (volume 6), Higurashi When They Cry: Eye-Opening Arc (volume 2), and V.B. Rose (volume 2).

2. I max out my library card (100 items) constantly and at least 60-70 percent of that is books.

3. This happens a lot and it makes me sad. 😦

4. Chi’s Sweet Home (volumes 1-5), Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story, Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Invisible Girls: the truth about sexual abuse, Wintergirls, MPD Psycho (volume 7), 7 Billion Needles (volume 2), Fairy Cube (volume 2), .hack//LINK (volume 2), Library Wars: Love & War (volume 2), Sensual Phrase (volume 8), What the Librarian Did, Loser/Queen, Dragonslippers: This is What and Abusive Relationship Looks Like, The Manga Guide to Statistics, The Trust: a Secret Society Novel, Alice in the Country of Hearts (volume 1), Bleeding Violet, Itazura na Kiss (volume 3), Jane Austen: A Life, Ouran High School Host Club (volume 13), In the Arms of Stone Angels, Monster High, Shut Up!, Blackest Night, Maid War Chronicle (volume 1), & Pepperland. (I’m not including magazines or DVDs in this list.)

I work at a library, so I think answering this question is almost like cheating. ha ha.

An Almost-Binge on Manga

I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately (among other graphic novels), so here’s a small run-down of what I’ve been up to. I may edit pictures in later, but I haven’t decided.

Higurashi When They Cry: Eye-Opening Arc
Volume One
So glad to finally get to this arc. I absolutely adore this series, even though this is leaving me with more questions than answers. Cannot wait to get the rest of the arc.

Fairy Idol Kanon
Volume One
An adorable series that set my cosplay senses on fire!

Volume Two
Still super cute; sad that the series is only four volumes, but this volume introduces Sharp and she’s definitely my cosplay goal for this series.

Volume Three
The series feels like it goes by so fast, even though some of the gags repeat quite a lot.

Volume Four
Yey for the happy ending! (I love manga that ends on a high note.)

7 Billion Needles
Volume One
I picked this up from work because I was intrigued by the cover art. It was slow, but picked up at the end. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t love it either; continuing it because the series is only four volumes long.

Pokemon Ranger & The Temple of the Sea
YEY POKEMON MANGA! I haven’t actually seen this movie yet, so the story was new to me.

Volume One
Gave up on this because the story just dragged and I didn’t like the art.

Fairy Cube
Volume One
Kaori Yuki is one of my favourite manga-ka, so it just made sense for me to pick up this series. I’ll be continuing to read it because the story picked up near the end of the volume and I love faeries.

Swans in Space
Volume One
Science-fiction manga aimed at girls that activated my cosplay senses.

The Big Adventures of Majoko
Volume One
I don’t know why, but I’ve been reading a lot of manga aimed at kids lately. This series is cute and cosplayable, but I’m glad it is a short series.

Volume Two
Still cute, but really pissed me off with its narrow view of what constitutes manliness.

Volume Three
The gags are worn out by this volume and I’m taking a break from the series for awhile.

Kingyo Used Books
Volume One
This manga was really inspiring and it was just something I picked up at work for no specific reason. I’m really glad I picked it up and I’ll be continuing to read the series! I also appreciated all the notes in the margins about series mentioned in the volume; I learned things.

Itazura Na Kiss
Volume One
I remember trying to watch the anime as it was airing in Japan a few years ago and finding myself really frustrated with the story. In manga form, it’s still not my favourite but I’m less frustrated. (I’m currently watching the Korean drama of the series, Playful Kiss.)

V.B. Rose
Volume One
A manga about bridal fashion? Count me in, okay.