Book Meme Day #2

Day 2 – Bad book habit? Do you ever dog-ear books? Do you ever write in the margins of your books? Not even with textbooks?

My bad book habit is getting so many at once that I cannot keep up with all the reading! I’ve tried to train myself to use the saved list feature on my library account and the “to-read” shelve on my goodreads before getting something, but I see so many amazing things at work that I cannot help but bring home!

I do not dog ear books, especially after becoming a page. I’m the one who has to un-dog ear all of the pages patrons mess with. Often, patrons will actually fold the book pages in half for sections of the book and that is one of the worst things, in my opinion.

I do not write in the margins of my books, even textbooks. Well, especially textbooks. I do my best to keep my textbooks, even used ones, in sellable condition so I can get some money back at the end of the quarter (because I always end up needing it; textbooks are expensive, especially with all the math and science I take). I’m more a fan of flags and sticky notes if I need to make a note in a book.


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