You by Charles Benoit

YouYou by Charles Benoit
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: You

Author: Charles Benoit

Published: 2010

Summary: You are Kyle Chase, a kid who is going nowhere in life. You are unmotivated and angry at the world. That is, until you meet the new kid at school. Zack McDade shows promise and the ability to flip your world upside down.

I picked up this novel for two reasons: 1) It’s written in second person, which is my favourite of the 3 modes of point-of-view. 2) The description from the inside flap tricked me and got me interested.

The novel itself is an easy read and second-person narrative really helps the story along. My main issue is with the ending. I felt like things were unresolved and while Benoit may have done this on purpose, I really don’t think it helped the story.

For my own headcanon in regards to this story, I’m just going to imagine that Kyle Chase ended up mortally wounding Zack McDade.

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