Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder by Jo Nesbø

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder Book 1Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder Book 1 by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder
Author: Jo Nesbø
Series: Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder
Published: 2007 (Norway); 2010 (US)

I picked up this book at work and loved it a lot! While, yes, it’s about farting and childish humour it’s really smartly written and quite engaging. I definitely recommend it to readers of all ages!

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Warriors – The New Prophecy: Twilight by Erin Hunter

Twilight (Warriors: The New Prophecy, #5)Twilight by Erin Hunter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title: Twilight
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors: The New Prophecy
Published: 2006
Reviewer’s Note: I listened to the audiobook to get through this title in the second Warrior Cats series, so my review will be about that instead of a printed copy of the work.

The narrator for the audiobook really threw me off. I didn’t imagine any of the cats having accents coming from the British Isles. Then again, it’s never confirmed where the Warrior Cats books take place, so I’m sure it’s possible.

It had also been a really long time since I’d read from the Warrior Cats series, so it took me awhile to get back into the story. Now that I’m back into it, though, I’m remembering why I enjoyed the books in the first place.

I have a printed copy of Sunset (the final book in The New Prophecy) that I can’t wait to tear into.

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An Almost-Binge on Manga

I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately (among other graphic novels), so here’s a small run-down of what I’ve been up to. I may edit pictures in later, but I haven’t decided.

Higurashi When They Cry: Eye-Opening Arc
Volume One
So glad to finally get to this arc. I absolutely adore this series, even though this is leaving me with more questions than answers. Cannot wait to get the rest of the arc.

Fairy Idol Kanon
Volume One
An adorable series that set my cosplay senses on fire!

Volume Two
Still super cute; sad that the series is only four volumes, but this volume introduces Sharp and she’s definitely my cosplay goal for this series.

Volume Three
The series feels like it goes by so fast, even though some of the gags repeat quite a lot.

Volume Four
Yey for the happy ending! (I love manga that ends on a high note.)

7 Billion Needles
Volume One
I picked this up from work because I was intrigued by the cover art. It was slow, but picked up at the end. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t love it either; continuing it because the series is only four volumes long.

Pokemon Ranger & The Temple of the Sea
YEY POKEMON MANGA! I haven’t actually seen this movie yet, so the story was new to me.

Volume One
Gave up on this because the story just dragged and I didn’t like the art.

Fairy Cube
Volume One
Kaori Yuki is one of my favourite manga-ka, so it just made sense for me to pick up this series. I’ll be continuing to read it because the story picked up near the end of the volume and I love faeries.

Swans in Space
Volume One
Science-fiction manga aimed at girls that activated my cosplay senses.

The Big Adventures of Majoko
Volume One
I don’t know why, but I’ve been reading a lot of manga aimed at kids lately. This series is cute and cosplayable, but I’m glad it is a short series.

Volume Two
Still cute, but really pissed me off with its narrow view of what constitutes manliness.

Volume Three
The gags are worn out by this volume and I’m taking a break from the series for awhile.

Kingyo Used Books
Volume One
This manga was really inspiring and it was just something I picked up at work for no specific reason. I’m really glad I picked it up and I’ll be continuing to read the series! I also appreciated all the notes in the margins about series mentioned in the volume; I learned things.

Itazura Na Kiss
Volume One
I remember trying to watch the anime as it was airing in Japan a few years ago and finding myself really frustrated with the story. In manga form, it’s still not my favourite but I’m less frustrated. (I’m currently watching the Korean drama of the series, Playful Kiss.)

V.B. Rose
Volume One
A manga about bridal fashion? Count me in, okay.


Half-Minute Horrors edited by Susan Rich

Half-Minute Horrors
edited by Susan Rich
Featuring stories by Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, James Patterson and more.

This collection of scary stories (each approximately 30 seconds) was put together for and published with the help of First Book.

Admittedly, I had only read works from a few of the authors in this book and just recognised the rest by name. The stories were cute and fun, but I wasn’t scared. (A couple were, I thought, a bit absurd and felt that it was a bit endearing of them to be so.)  I would recommend this to young children and their families! This could be a really fun book to read aloud (9th March is World Read-Aloud Day, *hint hint*) and then start a discussion of fears and why those things scare you. (For example, I’m terrified of the handicapped toilet stall but I have no idea why it scares me!)

The book’s website is also worth looking at; readers can submit their own stories. I’m tempted to submit one, but I have no idea which story I want to submit. If you, dear reader, submit one please let me know so I can be looking out for it on!

50BC #43 – Starlight by Erin Hunter

Title: Starlight
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors (The New Prophecy)
Published: 2006
Summary: The clan cats have reached the destination Star Clan wants them to make their new home, but the cats struggle to make it their own.

It has been awhile since I’d taken a journey into the world of the Warrior Cats and boy, did I miss it! This book had me cheering for the cats, disappointed by the mini-war, and the scene with Leafpaw (soon after named Leafpool) meets with Star Clan at the Moon Pool had me just crying buckets of tears especially when the kits were mentioned.

I still feel like the things that happen shouldn’t take a whole book to do so, but I understand why that is happening. Some of the point-of-view transitions were a bit choppy, but I liked that this book was dealing with more than one cat. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and see how the clans move on from the ending of this book.

50BC #38 – Warriors (The New Prophecy): Dawn by Erin Hunter

(I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile now. First week of fall classes has found me pretty overwhelmed with coursework and underwhelmed on blogging.)

Title: Dawn
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors: The New Prophecy
Published: 2006
Summary: The Clans must join together in order to safely leave their home, which has become even more devastated and further destroyed due to the effort of the Twolegs.

I can see why a lot of reviewers say that the series is getting tedious by this point. Things feel like they are taking too long to get to their conclusion and that’s not a good thing in a junior fiction series, in my opinion.

For the most part, I am still enjoying the cats but so many of them have been forced into background roles and most of those cats are ones that I’ve come to love from the first series of Warriors books. I’ll continue to finish the series, but for now I need a nice long break to concentrate on coursework and other readings that I’ve got to do.

50BC #36 – Warriors (The New Prophecy): Moonrise by Erin Hunter

Title: Moonrise
Author: Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors: The New Prophecy
Published: 2005
Summary: The chosen cats continue on their journey and meet trouble from some other cats that come from tribes, not clans. They also get caught up in another prophecy from different warrior ancestors than their own.

This may be looking into things too deeply for a junior fiction novel, but I like how the author(s) approached the subject of belief systems that differ from one’s own. (Star Clan and Tribe of Endless Hunting were the examples in this novel.) I like the way things were phrased. One of the examples of what I’m talking about, and I’ll be paraphrasing (sorry), is that while the Tribe of Endless Hunting is not the Clan cats’ warrior ancestors they are someone’s warrior ancestors and that means that they deserve respect.

It took me a bit longer to read this book because someone posted unmarked spoilers on a website I used to use and that just slowed my reading mojo down. The spoiler was so sad and even though I knew it was coming, I couldn’t help but feel sad and start to tear up when I read it. These books can get so sad sometimes.

The ending to this one is just killing me and reading the preview for book three just made things worse! I need to find out what happens to the captured cats!