Guest Blogger: Aidan Skehan of Library@Facebook.

Hello, book fans! I’ve been contemplating allowing guest bloggers to come into my corner of the blogosphere for awhile now, and this opportunity just landed in my inbox so I had to give it a go. My first guest blogger is Aidan Skehan, promoting the facebook app: Library@Facebook.

The Library@Facebook is a free app that allows people to share books they are happy to give away and get new books in return.

Our goal is simple but big: Before buying a book see if you can get it for free. List the books you are done with, send them to people that request them and earn credit for new books. Involve your friends, exchange books, share experiences and get ideas on what’s good to read

When we looked online we found that online book-sharing sites were popular in America and some European countries however they were standalone communities that only a really committed book reader was likely to join. Facebook of course was the ideal avenue but we didn’t find anything on there that really matched our needs so we figured: let’s build it.

We wanted to expand our Facebook skill-set so we figured, at worst, The Library @ Facebook would make a good training project. We mapped out the idea and we began to research and spec how it might work. The beta version has just been completed and over the coming weeks we are looking for feedback (good and bad!) as we look to fine-tune the launch version.

We now have over 5,000 members in 30+ countries after our first few weeks, and are growing at a rate of about 200+ per day.

We are now adding an author’s section where you can promote your book to the community and their friends on Facebook. The process is really simple:

We are now adding an author’s section where you can promote your book to the community and their friends on Facebook. The process is really simple:

1. Donate 5-10 books to the membership

· We will advertise your donation to the members and we can select who will get your donated books based on your criteria e.g. You may only want US residents to get the books, women aged 25-44, etc.

· The Library updates the newsfeed of the person that gets your book so all of their friends will see that they are reading your book. On average our members have 187 friends on Facebook. They will also see any review that the person posts of your book. You can use these reviews to publicise your book.

2. Discuss

· You can set up an Author’s Bookclub and invite people to join your club in the library.

· Alternatively you may want this discussion to take place on your Facebook page or your own website. We will be guided by your requirements.

· We will list your book launch in our weekly membership email, The Library Card.

· We will announce your book launch on twitter, LinkedIn, and all relevant social media. You just tell us where you would like us to send the users.


The listing cost will rise as our membership increases but we are offering an initial offer of $69 for authors that sign up now.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, or need to get in touch for any reason, don’t hesitate to email me:

Alternatively, find us on



If you’d like to be a guest blogger here on She Loves Books, send me an email at shelovesbooks [at] live [dot] com and we’ll chat about it. 🙂